An actress gets paid Rs 10 crore to NOT name a superstar in Me Too Movement – Guess Who


The MeToo movement against sexual harassment started with Tanushree Dutt speaking about her torture and shared that she was harassed by Nana Patekar on the sets of Horn Ok Pleassss. Post this BIG event, there were flood of allegations. Women are finally breaking their shell and sharing their stories in front of the whole world. Big names like that of Rajkumar Hirani and Sajid Khan have been highlighted and many other stories shook the entertainment industry. Every other minute, we are listening to these gut-wrenching stories.

Do you remember, there were reports that the names of Bollywood’s top stars will soon be seen in MeToo Controversy. There are reports that girls are now taking money to keep their mouth shut. Recently, we have heard that the actress has been paid 10 crores and the deal has been done through a top film producer, which is considered close to the superstar. We are wondering where these girls have disappeared, who were about to reveal the names of these BIG Bollywood stars who were involved in sexual harassment activities.

Bollywood’s Me Too Movement has stormed the media and entertainment industry. Well, no one can escape this storm of Bollywood’s one of the biggest movements.

Some celebs have openly supported the movement and some of them just refrained commenting on it.

Can you guess who is the actress who got paid 10 crores to keep her mouth shut and the actor whose name she was going to reveal? Please do comment with your guesses in the comment section below.




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